It is about the passion

Where creativity and science meet

Gold Ore, founded in 2012, is here to disrupt the metallurgical industry - with the left of centre innovative MACH REACTOR™ technology solving the industry’s gravest problems. We work in a world where quirky creativity is combined with hard science, creating unique and unparalleled solutions not seen before.

Reinventing the wheel while forcing the industry to rethink the fundamentals is how we strive to achieve a paradigm shift in mindsets to uplift the industry and reshape the future.

We’re here to leave behind a positive legacy.

Strive for excellence and passion for science

Gold Ore is about improving the extraction of minerals in the most efficient way possible. We explore every option, hypothesizing every possible angle. Basing each finding on accurate facts before implementing into practice. We not only strive for excellence in the technology based within our product, but we make it look good too. We pay attention to the finest of details to create a product that is effective, durable and beautiful.

Gold Ore actively participates in conferences organized by the world’s leading metallurgical societies with many peer reviewed papers authored and published and available upon request.

Our Values

We employ a culture of excellence, combined with the highest ethics and moral standards. This extends to the way we develop products, how we treat Intellectual Property (IP) and how we treat people.

Our Philosophies

Our work is based on scientific study and hypothesis – always based on proven facts. We work closely with and have the highest respect for academia. Gold Ore is currently co-sponsoring several post graduate studies on the MACH REACTOR™ technology at various leading universities around the world.

Our Mission

We strive to make a positive, permanent and long-lasting change to the metallurgical landscape. We’re here to make an impactful difference to the industry while inspiring the youth to think freely, innovate and be the best that they can be.


Why Choose us

When you work with Gold Ore, you get more than the MACH REACTOR™ technology. Clients of Gold Ore also enjoy limited complimentary consulting in the fields of leaching, flotation, cyanide destruction and arsenic remediation, as well as laboratory test work programme design. For our technology to work best, we need to apply a holistic approach to each and every project.

We’ve worked with clients around the world – from South Africa to Australasia, Europe, Canada, the Americas, Russia and Kazakhstan. Because of this, we have a lot of invested interest in our technology and the experience to back our brand.

Gold Ore has a small core team and employs a strategy of outsourcing and strategic alliance to ensure quality service to clients and ongoing product development with a constant search for new applications.

We partner with our clients to provide the best solutions to problems.

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