Inventive and Creative Minds.

Meet the Inventor

Gold Ore was founded by Adrian Singh, aka The Musical Scientist. Having studied both science and music, Adrian can be described as equal parts creative and scientific. Self-proclaimed as being ‘a little bit crazy’, he harnesses this side of his personality to do what he does best – invent.

Adrian started his career in 1989 and has since gained varied experience in research, design and operations. His entrepreneurial journey started at an early age, when it became clear that the corporate world wasn’t for him. Since then, his passion, drive and constant strive for perfection has led him to great success.

Adrian is not short of ideas and ambition, with already having several patents to his name. One of the latest patents being the worldwide patent for the MACH REACTOR™. He lives by the notion that he can always do something better and has a ‘anything is possible’ attitude.

Ceo & Founder
Adrian Singh

“We’re also human. We’re more than just a piece of technology. And we don’t hide our slightly wacky side.”