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We only produce successful results in the metallurgical industry🌍

We are operating MACH REACTOR’s all around the world!🙌🏽

One of the well-known metallurgical operations that we have implemented our technology in treats the live tails from other plants as well as in- situ tailings dam material. In order for the operation to be successful, it is critical that a certain target concentrate grade and quality is achieved. 

The challenges are:

1. Extremely fine fully liberated ore which is very difficult to float in conventional flotation circuits.

2. Oxidised surfaces that have lost their hydrophobic properties and have become unfloatable.

3. Unliberated mineral.

The MACH is able to assist with all of these challenges, breaking particles to improve liberation and cleaning oxidised surfaces with the intense energy release of the cavitation process that occurs within the venturis of the MACH🔥

Pico-bubble nucleation on fine particle surfaces and aggregation of these particles to form pseudo larger particles within the venturis of the MACH, facilitates the flotation of ultra-fine mineral that would otherwise be lost to tailings.

The application of the MACH Reactor to the roughing, cleaning, and recleaning circuits resulted in an almost 3-fold improvement in recovery while maintaining target concentrate grade and quality which resulted in project economics changing from a loss to a profit-making operation, thus improving the sustainability of the operation and protecting the livelihoods of many!

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