Albert Einstein, one of GoldOre’s founding fathers.

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Albert Einstein, one of GoldOre’s founding fathers.

The incredible Albert Einstein was born in Germany in the year 1879 and passed away in 1955 from an abdominal aortic aneurysm. Throughout his life, Einstein established a legacy of knowledge and achievements that is internationally praised and valued to this day.

Albert Einstein is best known for his discoveries in the field of physics, most specifically his general theory of relativity. This theory of relativity is simplified into arguably the most widely known equation of all time, E = mc^2.

What does the equation, E = mc^2 stand for?

Let’s break down each step of the equation…

  1. E, or energy, represents the total energy of the system.
  2. m, or mass, is related to energy by a conversion factor.
  3. And c2, is the speed of light squared.

This equation is otherwise referred to as the conservation of energy and mass.

The term “Mach” (first named as such by Ernst Mach) is used as a unit of measurement in stating the speed of a moving object in relation to the speed of sound. This definition is the reasoning for the naming of the MACH REACTORTM. Within the MACH’s various venturis, particles move at a speed that nearly match the speed of sound. In summary, the naming and invention of the MACH REACTORTM would not exist without Einstein’s studies and involvement in the development of “Mach’s Principle”.

Apart from his in-depth founding’s in science, Albert Einstein had a great understanding of the more profound ways of life and shared his practical knowledge with the world. Einstein has shared his insight with the world through some of his recorded words such as, “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination” as well as, “The only real valuable thing is intuition.”

Einstein did not limit himself to being just a physicist or scientist, he was a musician, a dreamer, a creative mind, and a visionary.

Einstein’s theories, ideas, and creativity played a great part in the foundation of the business, GoldOre, as well as GoldOre’s trademarked technology, the MACH REACTORTM.

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