Do you think with your right or left-brain?

by | Feb 10, 2022 | Gold Ore, Latest News

Do you think more with your right-brain or your left-brain?

Generally, people refer to the “right-brain” as the side of your brain that thinks “creatively”. On the other hand, the “left-brain” is referred to the side of your brain that thinks “analytically”.

Right-brain thinkers often ask the questions, “who?” and “why?”
They display qualities such as being risk-takers, innovative, artistic, emotional, empathetic, speculative, supportive, and imaginative.

Left-brain thinkers often ask the questions, “what?” and “how?”
They display qualities such as being detail-orientated, objective, mathematical, accurate, efficient, logical, sequential, ordered, and factual.

Through numerous case studies and years of research, it has been shown that each person thinks with one side of their brain more dominantly.

There’s great power in both ways of thinking with much to be commended in whichever unique method your mind is inclined to lead you. Without the beautiful, various ways of thinking and unique minds out in this world, we wouldn’t have the inspiring technologies, methods, inventions, or leaders that surround us today.

At Gold Ore, we engage both the right-brain and the left-brain. As much as inventing new technologies, understanding chemistry, and running an independent business requires left-brain thinking, Gold Ore would not exist without the creativity and imagination of right-brain thinking. Because without the big dreams of building a business from scratch as well as the ambition to create a brand-new invention, the MACH REACTOR would never have come into conception.

So, which side of your mind guides the way that YOU think? How dominant is the one side of your brain over the other? Becoming aware of how your brain works brings a greater understanding of yourself as well as mastering your future.

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