Does the MACH REACTOR™ guarantee stability and sustainability?

by | Aug 15, 2023 | GoldOre, MACH Mindest

In this ever-changing world of twists and turns, people truly rely on stability when looking forward to the future. This couldn’t be truer specifically when strategizing a business or career plan. Having a dependable direction and vision for the future is vital to achieving success – but how is that possible when dealing with uncertainty and so many different variables?

Even though it is not possible to see into the future or guarantee certain outcomes, you can certainly set yourself up for success through careful decision-making and surrounding yourself with as many dependable sources as possible. This is where the MACH REACTOR™ comes in – when it comes to the metallurgical industry, there is no other technology or source as reliable as the MACH!

Let’s break down what makes the MACH stable and sustainable…

The MACH REACTOR™ has an impressively long lifespan, matching that of your project life. The MACH was carefully curated to withstand the aggressive demands of the industry all while delivering unprecedented levels of returns. Thanks to its long lifespan, you can carry out your process carefree without any worry of the MACH failing to perform.

Usually, the environment takes punishment as a result from processes attempting to keep up with the strict demands and expectations for deliverables. GoldOre’s ground-breaking technology, the MACH REACTOR™, has successfully reduced its carbon footprint, minimised waste output from processes, reduced cyanide consumption, and proves to be one of the most eco-friendly reactors on the market. Smaller plant footprints, lower reagent consumptions and maximised recoveries guarantee minimal environmental impact and reduced requirements to retreat tailings dams to maximise profits and ensure future sustainability for future generations. Working towards creating a more sustainable environment directly leads to building a stronger business and economy as a whole.

Thanks to the MACH REACTOR™’s thoughtful construction, there are no maintenance requirements needed throughout its lifespan. With no moving parts and no replacement parts to upkeep, the MACH is ready to perform the moment installation is complete and has no plans on slowing down or stopping. When comparing to some shear reactors which need to be replaced almost every month, the MACH is a vast difference with its hassle-free maintenance. Say goodbye to additional costs and the worry of purchasing replacement parts, having to pause operations during upkeep, or hiring labour to install the replacement parts. On top of that, the absence of moving parts and a pressurized cabin not only saves money, but it creates a much safer workplace for all employees.

The MACH REACTOR™ is not a one trick pony. The MACH is truly unlimited and can be applied as far as your imagination can reach. Although the MACH has most often been applicated in the metallurgical field including extraction of PGMs, gold, and base metals, it can also be utilized in other fields such as environmental applications such as cyanide destruction and acid mine drainage. This application showcases the diversity of the MACH as well as how it can be further applied to assist the environment.

The MACH is truly a diamond in the rough, demonstrating its strength and durability like the gem that it is. To keep up with the ever-changing nature of the future, GoldOre believes that one must continually re-invent oneself and be adaptable. Experience the stable and sustainable MACH for yourself today!

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