How do the Venturis and Nozzles work within the MACH REACTOR™?

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How do the venturis and nozzles work within the MACH REACTOR™?

Follow us on a magical journey through the internals of the MACH REACTOR™ to discover how the incredible technology works!

Let’s start from the very beginning; the construction of the venturis within the MACH REACTOR™.

The venturis are lined with only the best quality, ceramic material to protect your MACH REACTOR™ from harmful wear.

Thanks to this strong and sturdy construction, the MACH has a long lifespan matching or even outlasting that of your project lifespan. This also means no maintenance or replacement venturis are required to upkeep your MACH. WOW – what a win!

Now, let’s take our seats for a roller coaster ride through the venturis of the MACH REACTOR™…

As slurry flow enters the MACH, it first goes through a mixing nozzle which straightens the flow patterns and prepares the slurry for entry into the first high speed venturi.

Next, the slurry moves on to a high speed venturi where voids are created through Bernoulli’s principle (Google it!). These voids advantageously attach themselves to precious fine hydrophobic minerals for an improved metallurgical response. There may be more than one high speed venturi.

Gas, to be dissolved, is injected between the venturis in order to ventilate the voids.

The slurry then travels to the last nozzle, the collection nozzle. It is in this collection nozzle where the void implodes into millions of pico-bubbles!

It really is that simple! With a simple but effective series of nozzles and venturis, the MACH REACTOR™ easily enhances metallurgical response for both flotation and leaching processes to deliver incredible results that will exceed your expectations!

The MACH REACTOR™ uniquely improves the flotation of valuable fines below 10 microns in flotation and improves both kinetics and recovery in leaching processes. The MACH is one of the most efficient mass transfer devices available on the market today!

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the MACH and how it works to bring you high levels of return.

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