Re-inventing the metallurgical industry

by | Jan 14, 2021 | Extraction, Leaching, Profits, Recovery, Success

Striving to have the best metallurgical operation that can deliver results efficiently and effectively is not an easy task.

Are you struggling with machinery that just doesn’t last, having problems with flotation and leaching? Is your current metallurgical process not giving you the results you desire, and wasting massive amounts of your time, money, and resources as you struggle with the same old problems?

At GoldOre (Pty) Ltd. we’ve helped metallurgical operations around the world by incorporating the innovative MACH REACTOR™ technology into their circuits to improve the extraction of minerals in the most effective way possible.  

We are currently operating MACH REACTORS™ in SA, Ghana, Khazakstan, Russia, Zimbabwe, America and Australia and we cannot wait to bring them to your metallurgical operation!

Simply by making an investment today to own or rent your very own MACH REACTOR™, will most certainly result in improving process efficiencies, leaving less room for error and more room for step-change improvements!  

How will the MACH REACTOR™ benefit me and my operation?

What it can do will blow your mind as it challenges a lot of conventional metallurgical rules – so brace yourself for a fun ride to success!

  • The MACH REACTOR™ is the only high shear/cavitating device currently on the market that is completely self-aspirating:

The self-aspiration aspect, combined with the comparatively lower power draw, makes it particularly suitable to projects where power costs are high, or power is self-generated. (Can we explain this anymore?)  

  • GoldOre has found a way to harness the powerful energy of cavitation and use it for success in metal extraction:

Let’s put the MACH into perspective when one considers gas injection devices in the industry. Of the lowest efficiency are lances and spargers which have little to no energy input. Shear devices have moderate energy input and are slightly more efficient compared to lances and spargers. At the pinnacle of highest efficiency are cavitation devices where turbulent kinetic energy dissipation rates are at their highest, enhanced by the extreme energy release of the cavitation process, and Pico Bubble nucleation on hydrophobic surfaces as generated within the patented and proprietary MACH REACTOR™. The speed of sound gas velocities combined with the extremely small Pico Bubbles and extreme energy release within the MACH work together to yield order of magnitude improvements in gas-liquid mass transfer coefficients (kLa) when compared to less efficient gas injection devices.  

  • Need to boost your Leach? We’ve got you covered! The MACH Reactor accelerates leach kinetics while also improving leach recovery:

The extraordinary ability of the MACH REACTOR™ is used to accelerate leach kinetics as well as overall recovery for gold leach operations. The primary consumers of cyanide in a typical gold plant are soluble iron and sulphide. Preoxidation with a MACH REACTOR™ oxidises ferrous to ferric and precipitates ferric hydroxide and oxyhydroxides. A ferric hydroxide layer is also formed on the surface of the mineral to prevent further leaching of deleterious cyanide consumers. Preoxidation may also be followed by a MACH boosted leach stage where cyanide is also added to the MACH reactor to vastly reduce boundary layers and improve diffusion and so further accelerate leach kinetics. Leach residence times may be reduced by as much as 50 to 70% by the use of the MACH REACTOR™. Faster leach kinetics with the MACH is almost guaranteed and is almost always seen with testwork and upon plant installation. What is more difficult to achieve is the improved overall recovery and this is largely dependent on how sensitive the mineralogy is to MACH treatment. Leach recovery improvements of between 2 and 10% can be realised on certain ore types.  

  • Need to enhance your flotation grade and recovery – with the MACH REACTOR™, we’re talking about Flotation Euphoria!

Through the effective flotation of well liberated and high-grade fines with the MACH REACTOR™, we are able to provide a completely new and steepened grade recovery curve where both grade and recovery is improved, resulting in flotation euphoria! Higher grade and lower mass combined with higher recovery, as provided by the MACH, is something not usually seen in the flotation industry.  

  • There will be no maintenance needed, as the MACH REACTOR™ has no moving parts. The only thing that will show positive movement is your success rate!

We’ve had units operating for 7 years without maintenance and can go for an additional 7 years! Once the MACH is installed, it only takes 1mm of wear for it to settle in and take shape, and after that, it is secured for incredible results and long-lasting durability.  

We always give that personal touch as we also custom design this baby to best suit your needs and enhance your operation.

It is completely customizable to best suit your operation! When you order your very own MACH for your metallurgical operation, you are able to customize the capacity, as well as choose from a range of different materials for it to be manufactured in, to ensure the best durability and optimal quality. The MACH can be manufactured in combinations of ceramic, mild steel, stainless steel, rubber, or plastic. Not only is the material customizable, but the capacity can be customized to any size needed too. This is the competitive edge provided by having the inventor still actively involved with the company! This will ensure the best results for your specific processes and operation. The MACH will be positioned to feel perfectly at home and do its ultimate best to yield incredible benefits for your circuit. The MACH is currently the only cavitation device that can accommodate a volumetric flow rate of 3000m3/h through a single unit!  

So, how can you get your hands on one of these revolutionary machines?

It’s simple:

Step 1: Click here 

Step 2: It will take you to our contact page – please send us an email and we will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss all your queries and assist you in getting started to own your very own MACH.

Step 3: We will customize your MACH REACTOR™ and get it delivered and installed into your metallurgical operation ASAP.

Step 4: We cannot wait to hear your success story!