Reduce your carbon footprint with the most eco-friendly reactor on the market, the MACH REACTOR™!

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Reduce your carbon footprint with the most eco-friendly reactor on the market, the MACH REACTOR™!

How is the MACH the most eco-friendly reactor on the market, you ask? Keep reading if you’d like to learn how the MACH consciously considers the environment and what that means for your operation.

To understand how the MACH works and what incredible benefits it provides, we must first understand how operations work without the MACH REACTOR.

How most operations currently work without the MACH:

In the metallurgical industry, the timely and costly method of extraction includes the use of large amounts of electricity up-front to extract a mineral. The waste produced from this process is then taken to a dam to leave for a few years. After a couple of years, the material that was placed at the dam previously then undergoes a similar treatment process where more electricity is used to extract the last of the remaining minerals. This has been the status quo for many years in the metallurgical industry. Despite the metallurgical inefficiencies and below optimum recoveries this has been the accepted method that most operations resort to in the absence of viable alternatives.

Where does the MACH REACTOR™ fit in here and how does it enhance the existing process?

How the MACH REACTOR™ works:

The MACH has taken the existing methods of extraction and improved it drastically!

The MACH “piggy-backs” onto existing metallurgical processes such as flotation, leaching and cyanide destruction, drastically improving metallurgical response and metal recoveries.

GoldOre is proud to announce a 70% reduction in the power requirement for the operation of the MACH REACTORS, which has been achieved through meticulous testing and trials.

What does less power usage mean for you and your operation? Not only are you saving money by using less electricity, but you’re also helping the environment! By minimising your power usage, you avoid contributing to the harmful effects of using electricity such as air pollution, climate change, water pollution, thermal pollution, and solid waste disposal.

Additionally, the MACH REACTOR™ can be installed and used for environmental remediation. With environmental remediation, water is able to be cleaned and purified of pollutants and contaminants such as cyanide, arsenic and other toxic heavy metals. It doesn’t get much more environmentally friendly than that!

Along with saving power and being kind to the environment, the MACH is able to maximise the recovery of valuable minerals with only one pass through the plant. This obviates the need to reprocess existing tailings dams and having to spend a considerable amount of power again to treat the same original resource.

Do it right the first time with the MACH!

Next steps:

Now, you may be asking yourself why some metallurgical operations are still relying on the old method of extraction when the MACH does it so much better? The answer may be that some well-established functional businesses have been doing fine with the old method and are possibly afraid of change. Some operations may not want to place the initial investment needed to install the MACH into their operation even though the MACH pays for itself due to its incredible results. Another answer may be that some operations have not heard of the revolutionary MACH REACTOR™ yet. Whatever the answer may be, the only resolution is to take the leap and install the MACH to your operation today! Not only will you be leading the path by using the revolutionary technology of tomorrow, but you will also save power, time, money, stress, and contribute to a more sustainable environment.

There’s no time to waste, the time to act is NOW! Contact us to bring the game-changing MACH to your operation today.



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