GoldOre has succeeded in reducing the power requirement of the MACH REACTOR™ by an outstanding 80 percent

by | Oct 6, 2022 | GoldOre, MACH Mindest

GoldOre has succeeded in reducing the power requirement of the MACH REACTOR™ by an outstanding 80 percent


With such a drastic drop in power requirement, one might expect that the results also drop along with the electric usage. Amazingly, this is not the case! The MACH continues to deliver the same incredible results and benefits. That just shows the magical power of the MACH!

Case Study of Power Usage for the MACH REACTOR™

Let’s consider the real-life case example of the MR1500 MACH REACTOR™. During initial testing, the MR1500 consumed 660kW of power. After optimising the number of venturis, the MACH was able to reduce its power consumption to 276kW, resulting in a whole 384kW saved!

With further optimisation of the speeds through the venturis, for this particular application, the power draw was further reduced to an amazing 140kW! This provides for an 80% power reduction when operating the MACH REACTOR™ under optimised conditions.

These incredible results prove that power consumption is not a valid excuse to hesitate in bringing the MACH to your operation today.

Benefits of Reducing Power Consumption

Why is it important and beneficial to your operation to reduce power consumption? Several reasons! For starters, by reducing your power consumption, you’re saving money. Instead of wasting funds unnecessarily on excessive amounts of power, you can put those precious funds towards other areas of your operation or better yet, straight into your pocket!

Not only are you able to operate more cost-effectively, you’re also directly contributing towards creating a more sustainable environment. By minimizing your power usage, you are reducing your carbon footprint. The less power you use, the kinder you are to Mother Earth.

Along with reducing the power consumption of your process, the MACH will also bring your operation rising levels of returns. Now is the time to inquire on bringing the MACH to your operation and implementing the future of sustainable technology.

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