Success starts with the MACH!

by | Feb 10, 2022 | GoldOre, MACH Reactor

Success starts with the MACH!

Drawing boards don’t always mean a whiteboard and whiteboard markers, in this case, it was a cheap Bic pen and a napkin from Christmas lunch.

Most people who start their ideas on paper never really leave the imaginary world due to lack of motivation, money, ambition, you name it.

We all had to start somewhere including me, and it’s very easy to feel held back by the materials needed to jump-start your intention or even feel as if you have reached your limit and there is no other way around it.

Limitation is just a made-up word to get people comfortable with the idea of giving up or throwing in the towel, as the young ones like to say. However, with enough support and drive, one can easily look past it and keep moving forward, just like me, when I started drawing my ideas out and making it a reality.

All beginnings with small steps, lead to big successes.

To this day I have moments of awe at how far the little idea scribbled on a napkin has transpired into the MACH REACTOR we see today. I feel incredibly blessed and grateful for being able to bring change to the world with the MACH REACTOR, and at the same time, create a shift in the mindsets.

All was as ordinary as one would expect a Christmas afternoon to be. Lunch was done and it was just a cozy home with family and the need to doodle – my idea came into action on one of our spare napkins from lunch.

There were people who didn’t believe in my vision, who did not support it, but all I had to do was keep my head high and have faith in what I’m doing. A lot of hard decisions had to be made, but the rollercoaster ride to where I am now, was so worth it! The challenges just built my experiences and helped me learn all that I know today.

That deep level of intuition could only have come from a higher power…I feel blessed, grateful, and determined to use this technology to touch lives and change the scientific landscape to bring positive necessary change to the world.

My whole world reached new horizons when I discovered Intellectual Property law. I am deeply grateful to the beautiful minds that helped to steer and shape the MACH patent offering into what it is today.

One thing I will encourage anyone who has an idea of any sort, is to never lose sight of the vision and goal. It’s ok if you fall here and there, and mistakes are necessary, but always remind yourself to keep going because that’s what the MACH REACTOR is all about. Always look forward to high results and horizons reached.

Embrace new change just as I did with the revolutionary MACH REACTOR and let us change your future for the better.

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