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Let’s get the HIGH from the MACH

It’s been tried and tested… the MACH REACTOR has shown HIGH levels of profits, durability, and customisation!

What does this mean for you?

💰 PROFIT: GoldOre can confidently claim that the MACH REACTOR will gain back the amount invested on the MACH within months if utilized to its full potential. Not many products can make that claim!
Whatever function chosen for the MACH REACTOR, it brings in profits from its exceptional extraction of material. When converting this surplus of product into currency, you’re likely going to need to buy a bigger wallet!

🛡️ DURABILITY: The MACH REACTOR has time and time again proven to last long enough to even outlast your project life. You can carry out your project with no worries of the MACH quitting on you. The MACH REACTOR is so durable that you’re going to need to think of another use for it after your project finishes!

🎨 CUSTOMISATION: The MACH REACTOR is a multi-purpose machine that easily fits in with your specific needs. There really is no limits to its functions and the incredible benefits it can bring to your operations. Depending on your customization requirements, the MACH can be adjusted to fit perfectly into your project. The MACH REACTOR will fit into your operation better than Cinderella fitted into her glass slipper!

These are just the start of the incredible benefits that the MACH REACTOR offers!

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It’s been tried and tested… the MACH REACTOR has also shown HIGH levels of flotation, leaching, and cavitation! 📈


What does this mean for you?


🎈 FLOTATION: When it comes to the MACH and how it operates, flotation = success! This essential process of flotation works by attaching to and bringing forth all the valuable materials you’re looking for.



🔰 LEACHING: During the process of leaching, ore is treated with specific chemicals that transform your precious metals into soluble salts while all the stuff that you don’t want, remains insoluble – thus being separated from the good stuff!


🦠 CAVITATION: Cavitation plays its part in the MACH REACTOR by creating bubbles that are formed due to a drop in pressure that converts liquid into gas. If you should know anything about the MACH, it’s that bubbles are key!

The MACH REACTOR is the antidote to get any metallurgical operation excited! At GoldOre, we are all about balance, just as much as we have benefits that produce high results, we too have benefits in other areas that produce low results – but these are certainly needed!






Let’s get down LOW with the MACH



It’s been tried and tested… the MACH REACTOR has shown LOW levels of power draw, zero maintenance requirement, and has no moving parts! 

What does this mean for you?

🔋 POWER DRAW: Big machines mean lots of power to run it, right? Not with the MACH REACTOR! The MACH requires very little power draw all thanks to its inventive self-aspirating technology. In certain languages, “low power draw” directly translates to “more money in your pocket”! A lower power draw also helps to keep carbon emissions to a minimum which contributes towards a sustainable future.

🛠️ MAINTENANCE: Traditionally, shear reactors are well known to be high maintenance items. However, with the MACH REACTOR, you can take a deep breath of relief as it requires NO maintenance! There are no pieces needing replacing, no specialists needed to come service it, no hassle!

🏗️ MOVING PARTS: The last thing you need on your mine site is another piece of machinery with moving parts. Apart from the added element of danger associated with machinery using moving parts there is also the maintenance issue that adds cost and consumes manhours. The MACH safely operates as a large format machine with no moving parts. The MACH REACTOR is so still that you might find yourself checking that it’s even on!


Not only that, but… the MACH REACTOR has also shown LOW levels of waste, installation hassle, and Reagent Consumption! 📉


What does this mean for you?


🗑️ WASTE: Let’s be honest, is waste ever a good thing? That’s a no from us, especially when it comes to precious materials! The MACH leads the way of the future by allowing space for little to no waste.


🛠️ INSTALLATION HASSLE: Imagine getting a brand new car but having to attach the wheels yourself! Our goal when supplying your MACH REACTOR is to get it up and running as soon as possible. While some other mechanisms can be difficult and time consuming to install, the MACH REACTOR is quick and easy!



🧪 REAGENT CONSUMPTION: The MACH REACTOR once again displays resourcefulness by not wasting precious reagents. When reagents are used to facilitate chemical reactions, there’s definitely not room for waste!


These are just some of the incredible benefits the MACH REACTOR offers!

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