Uplifting businesses and women in South Africa

by | Aug 15, 2021 | Success

As the CEO and founder of GoldOre (Pty) Ltd., I have followed a unique leadership style that has been born out of my personal experience with developing the revolutionary MACH REACTORTM. This has manifested as a mindset that I call the MACH Mindset – which is finding the WOW Factor in everything I do, and simply just having a positive outlook on the future of business. Also giving a helping hand where I can and assisting people in various ways – just as another way I give gratitude for my journey and personal growth.

“The more I give, the more growth I receive, and the more growth I receive, the more I can give. Generosity is just a beautiful cycle of having life on your side.”

– Adrian Singh, CEO AND FOUNDER

I have a big desire to uplift people that have a genuine heart and passion for life. People that have been negatively affected by the corporate world, and people that have a big desire to give life all they have got to succeed in their truest passions. I want to witness and be a big part of seeing these leaders succeed in their own lives as they run their own businesses and impact their own industries.

As it is woman’s month, and women have such big hearts and big purposes in our society, I have decided to recently partner with a great friend of mine, to enable her to reach her fullest potential in her business and implement all her great ideas.

Giving to others that are desperate in unforeseen circumstances is never forgotten!

How I met her is quite a story – my car was stuck and had broken down in an unknown area (unlike me to feel so vulnerable and out of control), and so I noticed her friendly demeanor and took a leap of faith… I kindly asked for her assistance at the time to help me so that I could return home. Feeling the possibility of me scaring her off as a stranger just interfering with her space I was completely taken aback by her reaction.

Without hesitation, she assisted me in ways I could not even fathom were even possible! Her kind heart and generosity just blew me away, without her even expecting anything in return. She assisted me in getting my car fixed and asked her father to come and assist too, as their family really took me in for that day and made me feel at home while we attended to the issues. How different would the world be if we had more kindness and love within us to help those around us?

That day I made a dear friend! A memory never to be forgotten.

Years later, to where we are today, I get a phone call from her asking me for some assistance and that she didn’t know who else to turn to. She had been really suffering from being mistreated in the workplace, along with her colleagues, and they just needed a way out.

Full of ideas and hope, she poured her heart out to me, and all I could think of was the incredible assistance she provided me in such a crucial time of need all those years ago.

This call lit up the fire in my heart to finally give back this generosity in ways that truly inspire me, and at the same time help so many people and families in South Africa.

That nurturing and caring energy that women hold within them truly makes the people they surround feel secure and inspired to be the best they can be. Women need to honor this gift they have, and we need to truly harness that power that it brings to society by having loving, caring, and nurturing women in leadership! This type of energy is fundamental in the working world, and it can really drive good results, great customer service, be motivating and inspiring for employees to bring out their passions, and hold the MACH Mindset and GoldOre influence and mentorship very high as they combine their unique energy with it.

Happy Woman’s Month – where we bring the GoldOre principles and values into other small businesses to uplift woman in business in SA.