What does Self-aspirating mean?

by | Jan 14, 2022 | Extraction, GoldOre

What does Self-aspirating mean?




The MACH REACTOR™ is the only high shear/cavitating device currently on the market that is completely self-aspirating!

What is self-aspirating?
This means that the MACH can still work at its higher efficiency without needing pressurised gas supply. The MACH does this with the use of the venturis within the design of this revolutionary technology.

How does this make life so much easier in the metallurgical industry? Existing reactors require pressurised gas to operate effectively. A lot of gold plants are always in remote places that may not be very accessible, and they find it very difficult to get their hands on pressurised-gas supply to make their operation more effective, which is where the MACH comes in and allows these operations to thrive, no matter where they are in the world!

This is one of the main benefits and differentiators when it comes to the functionalities of the MACH REACTOR.

The self-aspiration aspect, combined with the comparatively lower power draw, makes it particularly suitable to projects where power costs are high, or power is self-generated.

Get your hands on your very own MACH REACTOR where ever you are in the world!

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