What is the MACH reactors best kept secret?

by | Nov 30, 2021 | GoldOre, MACH, MACH Reactor

What is the MACH reactors best kept secret?

What’s the left-of-field benefit of the MACH REACTOR?

The MACH REACTOR brilliantly delivers flotation euphoria through the power of pico-bubbles.

How does flotation come into play in the metallurgical field?

The MACH REACTOR bravely trailblazes the future of the metallurgical industry providing for flotation euphoria in fine mineral flotation through the magic of pico-bubbles.

While other metallurgical operations rely on old-fashioned techniques of mineral processing, the MACH REACTOR pioneers the future with its ground-breaking technology. Never before has the use of pico-bubbles been utilized in the metallurgical field as it has with the MACH REACTOR’s inventive technology.

How exactly do pico-bubbles work in the MACH to create flotation euphoria?

Fine to ultrafine minerals float very poorly in conventional flotation systems owing to their low mass and inertia. This limits the collision and attachment sub-processes of flotation.

The MACH REACTOR is classified as a Hydrodynamic Cavitation Device (HDC). The MACH REACTOR enhances the flotation of mineral fines through a process of pressure reduction in a venturi. This causes pico-bubble nucleation on hydrophobic particles through the cavitation process with the subsequent aggregation of the pico-bubble-particle units, so presenting a pseudo larger particle to the flotation process to effect the efficient flotation of valuable fines.

 The best part?

The MACH REACTOR requires a lower power draw, has no maintenance requirements, a long lifespan beyond 10 years, AND it provides for a giant leap forward towards achieving a circular economy and net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2050.

There is no time to waste, improve your metallurgical operation by investing in a MACH today!