Why everyone needs to know about the MACH MINDSET?

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The revolutionary MACH REACTOR™ is not just advanced technology that is changing and improving the processes and profits in the metallurgical industry, but it is also shifting the industry mentality by inspiring us to think differently, innovate, and not be scared to make a change! Even if something is working, it doesn’t always mean it is working to the best of its ability – there is always room for improvement and creating ways to yield better results.

GoldOre brings the MACH MINDSET to truly challenge and inspire each individual, entrepreneur or company to sit back, and rethink their strategy – instead of blindly/robotically going through your daily motions and habits. There is innovation all around us, just waiting to be found, we just need to open our eyes, and incorporate the MACH MINDSET.

What the MACH MINDSET can be defined as:

M – Make mistakes and learn from them

A – Aspire to inspire

C – Challenge the norm

H – Have fun!

M – Make mistakes and learn from them

“Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.” 

— Mahatma Gandhi

We cannot live life without making mistakes, and if we are, it simply means we are playing too safe and we are not taking enough risks in life. Life would be boring without mistakes, and without them we are probably staying stagnant, because we learn as a result from making mistakes.

Mistakes are good and healthy, and are a reminder that we are strong enough to at least try things we aren’t familiar with and we are open-minded enough to step out of our comfort zones. This is a mentality all successful people live by. We should never be too hard on ourselves for making mistakes, but rather proud that we tried something new!

The problem with a lot of schools is that they create this idea that making mistakes is a result of you being a failure, we need to teach our children to not be afraid to try new things, even if they fail, try it again, and again. Look at it from many different perspectives. Innovation and success is trial and error, and most successful people that started at the bottom would admit that they had to fail at least 100 times before they had their incredible breakthrough. Don’t give up – make those mistakes, and most importantly – learn from them!

A – Aspire to inspire

Care for others. This is the first step if you want to inspire other people, they need to know and feel that you genuinely care about them and have their best interests at heart. Practice small acts of kindness daily!

Reflect enthusiasm and passion every day in what you are setting your heart to achieve! This energy is contagious and it will aspire you to feel motivated to achieve your goals, and when your brain knows you are having fun while doing your daily tasks, you will manifest only the best results and inspire people to do the same.

Build trust with everyone around you. Be truthful in your thoughts, words and actions and don’t break promises made. If someone told you something confidentially – keep it that way! If you say you will be at a meeting at a specific time – arrive 10min early! Trust is as important in the little things as it is with the big things. Trust takes a long time to build and it can be destroyed overnight.

Focus on the positives, and don’t go on about the negatives. Especially in a work place – the worst thing is having to interact with someone that constantly has nothing good to say. All they can do is complain, and create an uninspired atmosphere. If you have nothing nice to say, rather don’t say anything. A quiet space is better than a negative one. Create an atmosphere of building people up with positive words, compliments and kindness – this is an atmosphere that will bring people back every day with a smile and a jump in their step! When you have to say something – make sure it comes across as constructive criticism and translated in a way to inspire others to make the change, but acknowledge their ambition for trying and lead them carefully to try again without destroying their confidence.

Stand your ground when things get tough – and don’t give up! Even the worst of circumstances can be overcome with positive-thinking, hope, and a mentality ready to come up with a solution – as there is always a solution for every problem or circumstance.

Give people the freedom to try things their way instead of micro-managing. Give direction, but leave room for them to showcase their talent and thoughts their way. Explore alternative thoughts and ideas.

Aspire to inspire!

C – Challenge the norm

Ask WHY? Instead of just going with the flow. Challenge every process, thought and routine you know and live by every day, and ask yourself or others why we do things in that particular way. If GoldOre didn’t challenge the metallurgical process and decided to assume it is running the best way it can currently, then the CEO and innovator, Adrian Singh, would never have attempted to challenge the status quo and the metallurgical process, and he would never have invented the technology that is revolutionising the industry! The MACH is the exact definition of challenging the norm. The MACH MINDSET reminds is to challenge every norm we know – as we will never know until we dissect each process we live by to realize that there just may be a better way!

Get support and other perspectives. Sow the seeds of innovative thinking and encourage others to think creatively and spread positivity in new ideas. Collaboration is key, and as humans, we are born to work together and put our expertise in one room to come up with grand ideas. Don’t get discouraged when people get you down. Your ideas were brought to you for a reason – and they were not given to you to just easily be given up on or thrown away. We are in a generation of automation – and we are not here to be the robots, but the innovators!

H – Have fun!

Probably the most important point of the MACH MINDSET, is to follow your passions, intuition and interests whole-heartedly, because once you are doing that on a daily basis and forming your career around the topics that inspire and intrigue you the most – you will be having so much fun that you wouldn’t need to work a day in your life! Enjoy every moment and don’t forget to celebrate the wins.


Are you ready to develop your very own MACH MINDSET?