Worldwide Installation Options with the MACH

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Worldwide Installation Options with the MACH

We are currently operating MACH REACTORS™ in SA, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Russia, Zimbabwe, America and Australia and we cannot wait to bring them to your metallurgical operation!

Success Stories…

Case Study 1: Ghana

This installation of the MACH REACTOR™ was done at a gold mine in Ghana and has shown drastic improvement in their process and metallurgical operation with regards to both leach kinetics and recovery on their flotation concentrate.

This was quite a unique installation of the MACH on recirculation on a pipe column ahead of a CIL plant, owing to preg-robbing characteristics of the ore.

Case Study 2: Ghana

The MACH REACTOR™ was installed in a boosted leach application on a gold mine in Ghana with astounding results both on leach kinetics and overall recovery.

2Off 300m3/h MACH REACTORS™ were installed in the leach tank (together with cyanide) ahead of the absorption circuit, which enabled the plant’s throughput to increase by 44% without the installation of additional leach tanks. A leach recovery improvement of 2% on average in the 24 months of operation was also realised. 🌱

Case Study 3: Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan, 60ff 2000m3/h MACH REACTORS™ were installed in the oxidation and leaching circuit of an operation treating a semi refractory ore body.

This multiple pass installation of the MACH showed significant leach recovery improvements and has lasted over four years without any significant wear to the MACH REACTORS™.

This is mainly due to the high-tech internal lining and chemical resistant body but also owing to the self-aspirating attribute of the MACH which significantly reduces any potential for blockage on the gas lines and allows the MACH to operate with low gas supply pressures.

This combination of high performance, exceptional durability, and incredible ease of operation is the differentiator that sets the MACH apart from other gas injection devices.

🌍We have a worldwide network of mining companies that have improved their metallurgical operations by implementing a very crucial tool that is disrupting the mining industry in only the most beneficial ways.

Case Study 4: Witwatersrand

⛏The MACH was installed in a boosted leach application on a gold mine in Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. The mineralogy is largely silicates with a small number of sulphides and non-pregrobbing carbonaceous matter. A marginal but nonetheless profitable recovery enhancement was obtained.

The degree of potential recovery enhancement depends on mineralogy, degree of liberation, and gold occurrence with the highest incremental recovery benefits obtained on sulphidic ores.

Don’t just take our word for it…Conduct your MACH test work today and see for yourself!

Case Study 5: Perth, Australia

GoldOre (Pty) Ltd. designs and fabricates semi pilot MACH test rigs that are stationed at Mintek and SGS in South Africa and at ALS in Perth. Several leading mining companies have also decided to purchase their own MACH test rigs for in-house testing on their various Ore types.

The rig requires circa 50 litres of pulp per test run which includes a base case test and 2 or 3 MACH tests at different pass rates, for both flotation and leaching applications. MACH preconditioning is executed in the test rig which incorporates a to-scale MACH REACTOR™. Flotation rate tests are then performed separately in a 10 litre benchtop float cell or alternatively, kinetic bottle rolls are performed for leaching applications.

These tests are relatively inexpensive and provide a sound scientific springboard into full-scale plant trials.

Contact us today to arrange your test program or to purchase your very own MACH test rig!