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Here’s what our clients have to say.

With an installation done under arctic conditions, I can vouch for the durability and ease of operation of the MACH REACTORTM technology come rain, snow or shine. The MACH REACTORTM has yielded significant recovery benefit for our operations and is a valuable and integral part of our circuit.

Client 1

Having heard of the MACH through word of mouth we contacted GoldOre to assist with our DO levels and ended up with a bespoke installation that released additional gold locked in sulphides, reduced preg-robbing activity as well as our gold soluble losses. Adrian provided insight into our most daunting challenges and led us towards improved overall plant efficiency. We are grateful not only for the MACH technology but also for Adrian’s world class complimentary consultancy.

Client 2

We are completely blown away by the effect of the MACH REACTORTM on our flotation circuits and whilst we have healthy debate over the mechanisms at play, we gladly accept the vastly improved recoveries and grades. We view ourselves as being an instrumental industry partner to GoldOre to help establish the best applications of the MACH REACTORTM in the PGM industry. As we operate a marginal tailings operation every percentage point improvement in recovery and grade helps to keep our doors open.

Client 3

I am grateful for the GoldOre sponsorship of my post graduate studies and the guidance and teachings of Adrian which has empowered me with in-depth knowledge of the mechanisms of working of the MACH REACTORTM. Adrian’s energy and youthfulness of mind is refreshing and inspires me to strive for excellence and be the best that I can be