Who we are

We are GoldOre, inventors of the revolutionary MACH Reactor TM

What we do

How we believe at GoldOre (Pty) Ltd.



GoldOre’s mission is to improve the extraction of minerals in the most efficient way possible. We do this by exploring every option, and hypothesizing every possible angle, basing each finding on accurate facts before implementing into practice.



Our work is based on scientific study and hypothesis – verified through testwork.
We work closely with and have the highest respect for academia.



A culture of excellence, combined with the highest ethics and moral standards that guide our people, how we do business and how we bring our products to market.


Our Reach

We’ve worked with clients around the world from South Africa to Australasia, Europe, Canada, the Americas, Russia and Kazakhstan. Because of this, we have a lot of invested interest in our technology and the experience to back our brand.

Reap the rewards

Benefits of the MACH Reactor TM

Process Benefits

  • Higher recoveries
  • Faster kinetics
  • Reduced reagent consumption
  • Better selectivity on flotation processes

MACH Benefits

  • No moving parts
  • Highest quality ceramic lining of high wear sections
  • Non-corrosive and chemical resistant body
  • Low power draw
  • No maintenance
  • Reactor life to match project life
  • Self-aspirating enabling low pressure gas injection

Disruptive technology

Why choose the MACH Reactor TM

The MACH REACTOR™ is game-changing technology harnessing the power of cavitation, permitting chemical reaction and metal extraction that would otherwise not be possible.

The MACH REACTOR™ is the only high shear/cavitating device currently on the market that is completely self-aspirating, allowing it to be operated without a pressurized gas supply.

The self-aspiration aspect, combined with the comparatively lower power draw, makes it particularly suitable to projects where power costs are high, or power is self-generated.

This disruptive technology is exactly what the metallurgical industry needs to improve production yields and profitability of marginal operations. It’s a different take on known principles to create technology that is vastly different from the traditional with unparalleled levels of efficiency.

The science explained …


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How the MACH achieves flotation euphoria?

The MACH REACTOR™ technology can be applied across a range of commodities, from environmental remediation through to metal extraction in hydrometallurgical plants. The technology may also be applied to conditioning and external aeration in a flotation application, where we achieve better selectivity and recovery at lower mass pulls – flotation euphoria! The MACH REACTOR™ is particularly effective in the recovery of valuable mineral fines in the order of five microns and lower.


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How the MACH can boost your leach?

The MACH REACTOR™ is particularly well suited to pre-oxidation and boosted leach applications in gold plants.

gold ore kinetics
gold ore kinetics

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The power of cavitation!

Cavitation is not something normally applied within the metallurgical industry. GoldOre (Pty) Ltd. has found a way to harness this powerful energy and use it for something good. Chemical reactions are governed by the interaction of energy and matter. Imploding cavitating bubbles generate temperatures of up to 5,500°C and pressures of around 1,000 atmospheres, creating a highly reactive environment for mass transfer and chemical reaction. Re-entrant jets and the subsequent acceleration of particles and gases in heterogeneous systems approximate the speed of sound, hence the name “MACH REACTORTM”.

Installation options and application of models

The MACH REACTOR™ is particularly well suited to pre-oxidation and boosted leach applications in gold plants. MACH REACTOR™ technology also finds application in the proprietary:

  • GoldOre Hexate™ Refractory Gold Process
  • GoldOre Hybrid™ Detox

The MACH REACTOR™ and its applications enjoys worldwide patent protection. Testing facilities utilizing a scaled down laboratory size reactor are available at both the SGS Laboratories and Mintek in South Africa and at ALS in Perth. The MACH REACTOR™ can be custom designed according to client specifications, for any flow requirements. A popular size for gold operations is 600m3/h slurry capacity. The preferred installation of the MACH REACTOR™ is in-line with the flow into the first Leach Tank or on Tank Recycle.

Meet the Inventor, and how it all started

Adrian Singh, the inventor, founder and CEO of GoldOre (Pty) Ltd., aka the ‘Musical Scientist’ is here to challenge the minds of ordinary thinkers. Having studied both science and music, Adrian can be described as equal parts creative and scientific. Self-proclaimed as being “a little bit crazy”, he harnesses this side of his personality to do what he does best – invent! Adrian started his career in 1989 and has since gained varied experience in research, design and operations. His entrepreneurial journey started at an early age, when it became clear that the corporate world wasn’t for him. Since then, his passion, drive and constant strive for perfection has led him to great success.

Adrian is not short of ideas and ambition, with already having several patents to his name. One of the latest patents being the worldwide patent for the MACH REACTORTM. He lives by the notion that he can always do something better and has a “anything is possible” attitude. GoldOre, founded in 2012, is here to disrupt the metallurgical industry. We work in a world where quirky creativity is combined with hard science, creating unique and unparalleled solutions never seen before. We strive to achieve a paradigm shift in mindsets to uplift the industry and reshape the future.

We’re here to leave behind a positive legacy.